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November 8

After five years of doing business under the Adam Hudson Photography name we have finally come to a change. Our old brand simply did not speak to the true nature of our combined personalities as a whole. It also did not adequately express our desire to connect with and enrich the lives of all those people that come in contact with our business. I am beyond thrilled for this change! It has taken almost a year for the “real” work to come to fruition, but it has been the result of our cumulative growth over the past five years.

This entire process has been very in-depth. We had to really explore why we are in business, what is at the heart of our artistry, and how we impact the lives of our clients and all those around us. This hasn’t just been about changing a logo, it was more about changing our entire approach to how we engage with our clients. Through the amazing guidance of the Making Brands Happen team, Lara Casey and Emily Ley helped us start from the inside out. We explored the sometimes elusive nature of why we are artists and what motivates us in business and life in general. We consumed ourselves with the task of finding connections to colors, images, books, movies, and anything that would insight a spark of laughter, whimsy, artistic vision, or love in our soul. All these connections were gathered for Lara and Emily so we could craft a brand that was an authentic reflection of us.

I could not be happier with our new brand! I want to thank Lara and Emily for their patience, guidance, and warm spirits. A huge thanks to Cathy at Love Inspired for our AMAZING new website and blog. Finally I want to thank all our past and future clients. We love what we do. We love photography, but we love the connections we make as a result of it so much more. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all.

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5 Responses

  1. Lara says:

    Yesss!!! We’re so thrilled for you A + A! It’s been an incredible journey and there is so much ahead! Congratulations!!!

  2. Wow! Love it guys – everything looks phenomenal, congratulations! :) Updating my blog reader!

  3. Sara Beth Green says:

    Love your new “baby!” Can’t wait to see all of the future additions to the site but as of now, it looks FABULOUS!

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