Christy + Michael

December 10

We were given the opportunity to capture something very rare with Christy + Michael. Michael and Christy were in the Bahamas for a conference, so she had NO idea that Michael had ulterior motives. He had been planning a surprise proposal AND a surprise wedding for several months. He had enlisted the skills and help of Wedding Coordinator Shanna Lumpkin, so everything was all set. We (Adam, Alli, Brian, and Shanna) all hid inconspicuously on the beach. We pretended to be tourist having a nice outing that just happened to included our cameras. Michael brought Christy down the beach and stopped at the predetermined spot to pop the big question. His questions was a little bigger than most proposal questions. Michael asked, “Will You Marry Me… NOW?”

Christy said YES and was carried away to the spa to have her hair and makeup fixed. She picked between two wedding dresses that had secretly been brought from the states for her. The one she chose fit her like a glove! As soon as she was dressed, she returned to the beach for her WEDDING!

So to recap, Christy was having a stroll on the beach with her BOYFRIEND and 3 hours later was on her way to Bobby Flays restaurant to have her first dinner with her new HUSBAND!

We were so thrilled and excited to be there to capture such amazing and surprising moments in this couple’s relationship! The Bahamas wasn’t bad either!

Cake – The Swiss Pastry Shoppe
Florist – Jim Whitehead
Ceremony Musicians – Helene Peloquin & There’s Saunders of Nassau
Invitation – Shanna Lumpkin
Wedding Coordinator – Shanna Lumpkin
Spa – Mandara Spa at Atlantis
Venue – Nassau, Bahamas Atlantis

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3 Responses

  1. Tami Johnson says:

    These are just awesome! How romantic and exciting!

  2. brittany says:

    Alli and Adam,

    They are beautiful! Y’all did beyond great! we had so much fun and her day was exactly what she wanted. THANKS so much for your hard work. hope to see you soon!

  3. Melia says:

    What an amazing story, with beautiful pictures to boot! Adam + Allison, when I heard you were flying to the Bahamas to capture a surprise proposal and wedding, I said, “I sure hope she says yes!” I’m so glad she did and that the big day turned out beautifully.

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