Valerie + Matt

February 27

Our first wedding of 2012 was a complete JOY! We loved every second of Valerie + Matt’s big day at The South. Valerie really was one of those brides that had been planning her wedding for years! When we first met with them, she had so many ideas which came to life with her coordinator, Shanna’s help. They even had a real fire to roast marshmallows at the smores station!

Matt’s face said it all when he first saw Valerie. He had the biggest, happiest, most genuine smile! Even though Valerie felt the same way about Matt, she said she was still not going to share her deer stand with him! Since the minister was Matt’s grandfather, maybe he can talk to Valerie about the part of marriage that says “what’s yours is mine”.

Two AMAZING families were joined! Both Valerie and Matt’s parents set solid examples of what marriage is suppose to be! It was such a sweet moment to see both sets of the parents slow dancing.

Valerie and Matt left the reception with a sparkler exit, but the photos didn’t end there. The final photos were at the hospital with Valerie’s niece Jacey. Jacey may not have been able to attend the ceremony, but she did have her photo taken with her Aunt Valerie and new Uncle Matt! She was a DOLL all dressed in her flower girl outfit! Im sure the family would appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts that you would like to offer for Jacey. Adam and I are trusting with them for God’s healing hand on her little life! We are also trusting God to bless Valerie and Matt’s new life together as Mr. and Mrs. Fagan!

Wedding Coordinator : Shanna Lumpkin
Lighting : Davaine Lighting
Cake : The Cake Diva
Florist : Wendy Putt
DJ : Owen Boutwell
Makeup : Amy Head
Hair :LaCru
Venue : The South Warehouse

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6 Responses

  1. Tami Johnson says:

    Beautiful photos. The photos of Valerie with her nieces are priceless. Praying for their precious family. Amazing job!

  2. AshleyBeth Chaney says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  3. Lorraine Fagan says:

    THANK YOU Adam and Allison! You totally captured the beauty and sweet spirit of the wedding celebration. What a blessing you both are!

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos! :)

  4. Melanie Emerson says:

    Absolutely love the pics!!! Love the one with the Bride’s parents holding hands while watching her get married. Also, love the ones with Valerie and sweet Jacey! They are all so beautiful!

  5. Krishaun Muldrow says:

    Very beautiful picture’s! I Love the amazing people in the Congradulations!

  6. Adam & Allison-
    What a blessing to have you capture the love and joy felt by Valerie & Matt on their wedding day! Over the past year, it has been my absolute honor to work with them and plan such a special day with them! They have already shown their strength as a couple and as a family standing by their sweet angel of a niece through her trials- and seeing their wedding day end with the sweetest pictures with their precious flower girl in the hospital brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sincerely caring for each and every one of your clients and capturing priceless moments they will treasure for a lifetime!
    xoxo, Shanna

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