Kayla + Micah

March 18

Today was a special day. Adam and I were able to shoot a sweet PROPOSAL as it happened. This one was a little different because my normally steady camera was shaking quite a bit and I was shooting through tear filled eyes…happy tears! My little BROTHER asked his girlfriend to MARRY him!

Micah surprised Kayla with a private plane ride from Hattiesburg to Jackson piloted by his friend Drew Gardner. At the airport they were met by our friend Chris Clark. Chris was looking sharp as he dressed the part of chauffeur or body guard as he preferred to be called. He held a sign that read, “Mr Nobles”. Once in the vehicle, he drove them to the reservoir where Adam and I were waiting to capture the special moment. Micah had arranged for us to setup a scene next to the water. Everything was going well until the poles for the backdrop BROKE!!! While Chris created a reallllly loooong drive from the airport, we were able to get new poles and finish the pretty backdrop complete with photos of the happy couple.

Micah blindfolded Kayla when they were close so that she would not be able to see what awaited for her. He led her to the “spot” and told her she could remove the blindfold. She opened her eyes with Micah on his knee asking her to be the love of his life, his wife! After several cute but very shocked looks, she said, “YES”!

While I still can’t believe that my baby brother is old enough to be ENGAGED, I am proud and happy for him! I love you Mikey! Welcome to the family Kayla!

A big thank you to:
EVENTFUL for the gorgeous flowers
Chris Collins and Erin Webb for helping with the setup
Chris Clark for being the chauffeur
Drew Gardner for being the pilot

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5 Responses

  1. Brenda Evans says:

    Awesome..What a sweet thing to do..Beautiful Kayla !!!!!

  2. Sarah Marshall says:

    When I was little, I wanted to be in a Disney movie because magical things happened to the star of the movie, and then in college, I wanted to be in a Nicholas sparks book. Now I want to be in Adam and Alli’s photos :)

  3. Jeannie Reeves says:

    I have known Kayla since she was born…this is precious and I pray they have years and years of Happiness….Congratulations to them both…

  4. Nancy Miller says:

    So sweet! Congratulations to you all. Hard to type for the tears! I’m with you Allison, is he old enough? Awesome shots of a special memory.

  5. Tami Johnson says:

    Love these. What a special moment to be able to be a part of!

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