Joy + Azod

November 21

Sometimes we have the honor of photographing a really good friend’s wedding. We have known Azod for several years and loved him pretty much from the second we met him! What’s not to love? The guy can kick himself in the back of the head, do back flips anywhere, and dance like a pro! More importantly he is a stellar Christian with a huge caring heart! When he first told us he had a girlfriend, we couldn’t picture him with anyone! Who could be good enough for this incredible guy? Our question was answered the very second that we met Joy! Her name fits her because she is an amazing Joy to be around! These two were truly brought together by God! They couldn’t be any more perfect for each other! We now love Joy just as much as him and we wish them a life time of happiness, love, and adventures!

Coordinator – Kendall Poole
Florist – Tulip
Caterer, Venue – MS Museum of Art
Dress – Molly Gee and Kateri Tolo
Makeup – Erin Herm

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  1. Stephen says:

    Awesome job as always!

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