Whitney + Will

March 30

We asked Will how he would sum up his love for Whitney in one sentence and he said, “My love for Whitney is one that will not end and will not grow tired or weary, regardless of our situation or location.” Those emotions were written all over his face when he saw her for the first time. It always makes us smile to see a couple that is so excited to start their lives together as husband wife. When describing Whitney, Will also told us, “She is a girl who loves the Lord and wants to serve other people more than herself. She is so dynamic in the way that she loves other people that it is beautiful to see.” Will was right about that, but it is also true for himself. They both love the Lord and made that the center of their ceremony. After the seating of the parents, they had a special ceremony for someone to share the gospel. They also did a candle lighting and worship time just to glorify the Lord.

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  1. Enjoyed creative photos to tell story of beautiful wedding for precious people. I know from the blog story.

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