Abby + Eric

May 24

If you love the charm and sophistication of a truly Southern wedding then you would have enjoyed every second of Abby + Eric’s special day. They married at Provine Chapel since they both attended the beautiful campus of Mississippi College. After their vows, they hurried over to Eudora Welty Commons for their reception. The tables were decorated with classic books and quotes from southern writers that had some profound thoughts on love and life. In keeping with the theme, Eric opted to have a Bourbon Bar in place of a traditional groom’s cake. They included lots of special details like a peach ice cream station. Abby’s dad is known for making amazing homemade peach ice cream. At Abby’s bridal session, she told her dad that we needed to include a photo of something special from home and she wanted that to be the ice cream. That wasn’t really the truth. The truth was that she wanted a photo of her dad with his ice cream maker for the ice cream table at the reception. She wanted to surprise him which she pulled of perfectly!

Eric has a love of British cars so it was only fitting that they leave the wedding in a super cute red MG. To complete their southern wedding, he drove them to The Fairview Inn where they spent their first night as Mr and Mrs Covington.

“The habit of love cuts through confusion and stumbles or contrives its way out of difficulty, it remembers the way even when it forgets, for a dumfounded moment, its reason for being. The path is the thing that matters.” -Eudora Welty
We wish you a path full of the habit of love that Ms Welty was describing!

Wedding Coordinator : Shanna Lumpkin
Cake : Cakes by Iris
Florist : Wendy Putt
Makeup : Brittney Thompson
Hair : Pam Parker
Dress : The Bridal Path
Wedding Venue : Provine Chapel
Reception Venue : Eudora Welty Commons
Exit Vehicle : John Turbeville

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