Evans + Sawyer

June 26

We met Evans when she was pulling double duty as a bridesmaid/videographer for another wedding in 2011. Working side by side with her that day taught us a lot about her personality. She is a sweet, Jesus loving girl that people are just drawn to. By the end of the night, we had a new friend. When she called to say that she was getting married, we knew the guy had to be equally as great. Sawyer is a character! They asked us to recreate the Mr & Mrs Smith movie poster since they are the new Mr & Mrs Smith couple. We asked if we needed to provide the gun for the shoot. Sawyer said, “No thanks. I have it covered.” Well, he and Evans showed up with a tiny arsenal for one photo. It made since when we found out that he was president/captain of the shooting team at MS College. Not to be cheesy, but he really hit the bulls eye when he proposed to Evans. They compliment each other so well.

Their wedding was at First Baptist Birmingham. One of my favorite photos from the day would be the First Look Evans did with her dad and brothers. They did not know what her dress looked like, so she did a First Look with them and then their whole family prayed together about her wedding day! It was such a touching moment! It happened to be under the stain glass window so Jesus was even in the photo. Evans was just as excited about seeing Sawyer for the first time and they both smiled from ear to ear!

A major thanks to the whole bridal party for being so easy to work with AND for providing great dance photos for us at the reception. Their reception was at the Club with a special blue dance floor just for their wedding. Even though it had rained and the ground was wet, Evans and Sawyer still ventured outside to get some killer night shots with the city lights below. Their final photo of the night was back at their new home together. Sawyer carried Evans over the threshold of their home.

Wedding Coordinator : Nellie Butler
Cake : Olexas
Dress : Ivory and White
Videographer : Lance Holloway
Florist : Jon Martinez with Bloom
Band : Creativity
Wedding Venue : First Baptist Birmingham
Reception Venue : The Club

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